Why do hair fall during pregnancy?

There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. One of these is the hair loss that women often complain about.

In fact, hair loss during pregnancy is a common occurrence. However, most women are concerned about this situation.

Hair Gurmesi Serkan Aydin informed all women about the problem of hair loss in pregnancy as follows:

Why does hair loss occur in pregnancy?

One of the main reasons for hair loss in pregnancy is the negative effects of pregnancy hormones on the body. Normally, hair grows 80 percent of hair in the elongation period, while this rate is about 70-60 percent when the amount of spilled hair increases visibly.

Short hair, nourish with natural oils
It is safer to avoid chemical ingredients in pregnancy and to use vegetable oils. It is beneficial to use oils with nutritive effects such as almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil and walnut oil. This type of oil once a week or 15 days before bathing with a massage of our hair with a diploma, 15-20 minutes after waiting for a long time to relax, increase the volume and brightness of our hair.

It is useful to remind the place when it arrives; We have to keep the hair short because the hair is broken more during pregnancy period. This shortness prevents the hair from breaking and makes it look fuller.

Will hair loss spontaneously stop in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many foods are inevitably missing in the body. This process clearly manifests itself from the 10th to the 14th week. Unfortunately, it can continue until 6 weeks after birth. If there is no different problem, hair loss will pass by itself, natural way at the end of this process. Under normal circumstances, if there is no other problem behind the pouring, the answer to the question of when to stop hair loss in pregnancy is to stop after half of the breastfeeding period. At the end of this universe, if there is no significant increase in your hair, a structural problem is most likely.

Nutrition for healthy hair is important during the pregnancy process.

Foods rich in calcium for healthy hair during pregnancy should definitely be included in your diet. This is necessary for a healthy body and hair. Subsequently, low-fat dairy products, fish, beets, spinach, broccoli, green leafy vegetables such as cedar grass leaves are useful and constantly supporting foods in terms of nutrition.

The folic acid diet is also among the recommendations in this process. Folic acid is effective in the formation of new hair cells. Lentils, spinach, black and red beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, beans, legumes and citrus fruits are rich in folic acid. Of course, all of this together with the iron-rich foods that we consume too much benefit.

Is there a way to stop hair loss in pregnancy?

It is possible to completely prevent hair loss in pregnancy, such a discourse would be wrong. In this process, women will grow hair according to their nature. It is important to do the right care in this process, to feed properly, to reduce the intensity of hair loss is the least. Let us also emphasize that it is necessary to avoid inorganic ingredients as much as possible, considering that this period is a sensitive period.

Stay away from the strut

Regardless of all these matters, the main formula is; Happiness, peace and personal relaxation. How is the human spirit and how this spirit is being fed, hold it from the hair, and this situation will be reflected as much as all my limbs. If we consider that Hele is a woman soul very sensitive … In this sensitivity, pregnancy period should pass in a stress-free environment.

Healthy pregnancy is with a healthy spirit and organic nutrition and care.

Why do hair fall during pregnancy?

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