Mirena Hair Loss (and hair growth after removal)

If you feel strongly that you've had adverse reactions to your Mirena: Call Bayer (the producer) at: 1-800-265-7382, or email them at http://[email protected] You can also report adverse reactions to the Canada Vigilance Program: http://www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect I was prescribed Mirena around 3 months after the birth […]

Hair Loss After Pregnancy – Video Diary Month 3

http://www.belgraviacentre.com… Trinity Gardiner reports after having used treatments from The Belgravia Centre following her Postpartum Alopecia i.e. hair loss after pregnancy. Please note this condition is usually temporary but treatments can help to grow the hair back as quickly as possible and to its original […]

Pregnancy and Hair

instagram/funkymacgirl What happens to our hair when pregnant! Hair will feel thick grow longer and then fall out. Hair grows in stages Anagen the growth stage Catagen Resting stage Telogen The shedding stage, When pregnant Estrogen levels increase in the growth stage making our hair […]

Hair Loss After Pregnancy – Before / After Treatment Comparison

http://www.belgraviacentre.com… Trinity Gardiner suffered from hair loss after giving birth. Here is a comparison of her hair when she first experienced the shedding and then 3 months after having used treatment from The Belgravia Centre.Please note, Porspartum Alopecia is usually a temporary condition but the […]

Hair Loss After Pregnancy – Video Diary Month 1

http://www.belgraviacentre.com… Trinity Gardiner underwent treatment for Postpartum Alopecia (hair loss after pregnancy) with The Belgravia Centre. Although the condition is usually temporary, certain treatments can help to restore the hair as quickly as possible and back to its original density. Hair Loss After Pregnancy – […]