Hair Loss After Pregnancy – Video Diary Month 1… Trinity Gardiner underwent treatment for Postpartum Alopecia (hair loss after pregnancy) with The Belgravia Centre. Although the condition is usually temporary, certain treatments can help to restore the hair as quickly as possible and back to its original density.

Hair loss after Pregnancy

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Mirena IUD: Side Effects and Hair Loss!

My personal experience with the Mirena IUD side effects (including loss of hair). ———————————- I was prescribed Mirena around 3 months after the birth of my third child. 'Confounding factors' are often cited to women who have this IUD and are experiencing problems- […]

Hair Loss Post Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Made My Hair Grow: Alopecia

I had a baby!!! thats why I look so tired! A link between hormones and my hair loss? Please subscribe and write me with your thoughts! Thanks for watching!