Preventing Hair Loss After Pregnancy & in General

My Hair Loss Experience Post Pregnancy and tips to prevent Hair fall. Disclaimer: Consult your Doctor first before trying out any sort of products. Products Mentioned in this video: Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil St. Francis Castor Oil: Wife & Mommy […]

Home Remedies for your Hair Loss After Pregnancy – Health Sutra

We face Hair fall Everyday, Nevertheless New Moms experience hair loss dramatically after baby is born. Its Because of Oestrogen! After Birth, the levels of Oestrogen drop which lead to hair fall. After Pregnancy, There is no Way to Stop the hair fall completely, but […]

**8** Postpartum Shedding Pt 1 | How I Handled Hair Loss After Pregnancy

**MORE DETAILS** | SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. SHARE. In this Video I show how I handled my hair loss after pregnancy. Hope this helps! Thanks For Watching! Check Out My Website: Facebook!: Catch Me On Twitter: Blog!: Instagram!: Pinterest!: Editing: […]

HAIR Care Tips During PREGNANCY | Announcement | Sushmita’ Diaries

Hi Everyone, So, here is my Big Announcement. I am pregnant and sharing my own Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy through this video. ***************************************************************** All the tips are safe and even I follow them all regularly. However, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING NEW! […]

Pregnancy & Hair

A woman's hair can undergo many changes during pregnancy. Some women experience hair growth, and others, hair loss. In this video I discuss some of the changes that take place, and share my personal experience in dealing with my own hair during pregnancy. Pregnancy […]