Phew, my pregnancy weight is nearly back to what it was before I was preggo woohoo! ;p So to celebrate and since I'm also excited summer is almost here, i bought myself a few new fashion bits. Check out my new vibrant wardrobe additions. Oh and there is a special announcement about my latest fashion venture, let me know what you think ;]

Please share your comments on how you prefer to shop, online or high street, do you like exclusive fashion finds or all current trends that everyone is wearing?

see exclusive video here:
Pheeew, so much is going by in a whirlwind. My baby boy Jashur is growing and learning sooo fast and this mummy has to keep on with work, so how do I balance all these new work projects and mommy hood? check out the latest in my video ;p

How did you feel when you had hair loss after pregnancy? How do you balance work life and find babysitters? Please share your advice and stories below mwah xx

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Post Pregnancy Shopping Haul: River Island, Primark, Top Shop & Announcement

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