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Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding Many women who have recently delivered babies and are breastfeeding may notice that they are shedding hair more than they did pre-partum. Even though post-partum hair loss is completely normal and you can’t entirely prevent it, losing […]

How to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Do you know how to prevent hair loss during pregnancy? I think I'm losing my hair. Pity you can't just pop a hair replacement pill or something. And losing your hair must make you lose your mind. Pregnancy hormones do affect your attention span, emotions, […]

Why do hair fall during pregnancy?

Why do hair fall during pregnancy? There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. One of these is the hair loss that women often complain about. In fact, hair loss during pregnancy is a common occurrence. However, most women are concerned about this situation. […]


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