Is hair loss normal during pregnancy?

Considering baldness is traditionally a sign of high testosterone in men, that should be the last thing you'd see. Unless you're carrying twin boys.

No, not twins. It's a singleton.

Your hair might thin if you are having really bad hormonal changes. It could thin out if you have malnutrition, but that's not a good sign.

I'm eating healthy.

Are you throwing up so much it is all for naught? If you can't keep food down, how well you eat is pretty much pointless.

So I shouldn't feel like I'm shedding like a dog.

If you are, you should see a vet. I mean doctor.

Some people say changes in your hair is normal.

About 10% of your hair isn't growing at any given time. When you enter late pregnancy, more hair stops growing so that the protein can go to the baby.

And I lose it.

No, but less of it is growing. What feels like thinning hair is actually your body focusing more resources on the baby.

Then I only feel like ripping my hair out while dealing with a bald baby.

Not all babies are bald. Some have a full head of hair.

At least my hormones will get back to normal.

That could take up to three months, and you could lose hair during that time. And that's assuming you didn't get so much medication like anesthesia that it makes you lose your hair.

It's official. Having kids is a hair-raising experience.

If you think this is bad, wait until you see how much college costs.

That won't make me lose my hair, unless I pull it out. It is more likely to just go white at that point.

The bill for the delivery might give you an early start.

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