Is your hair falling out after pregnancy??
Don't worry it is completely normal, the time our hair will start to shed it right at the 3 month, as for me it happened when my baby just turned 4 months.

Its a process there is nothing you can do to be invincible, the hair needs to go through this cycle, nothing can save you!
Human hair goes through the growing resting and shedding phase, when women are pregnant hair just goes though the growing phase, so then after we have our baby, its will just fall out, after 3 month the hair will go though its normal cycle again.
Let me know your story!

Marrakesh X Dreamsicle Leave in treatment and Detangler, it works amazing, it softens the hair and it does de tangle i have alot of hair so it does go along way for a little bottle, just spray it on the mid shaft (middle) and ends.

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